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Seriously fascinates. Easily enchants!

The Princess violin trio became highly popular at the turn of the millennium and immediately captivated audiences who was keen on sophisticated music liking classical melodies as well as modern style. The unique formation plays crossover music that combines classical and modern sound.

Monti Csárdás, Hey gypsy, Bach: Overtimes in D minor with Toccata and Fuga, Rossini and Mozart – all in unique style, with a stunning choreography and live violin playing. In addition to classical hits, Princess also feature popular soundtracks, e.g. Schindler’s List, Pirates of the Caribbean, Professional, or Godfather.

Princesses of crossover

Beauty and harmony – this is the Princess. The members of the trio, Krisztina Pados, Bea Molnár and Dorottya Ilosfai, captivate the audience with their excellent instrumental knowledge, impressive choreographies and elegant style. The passion flowing from the stage is captivating, no wonder their audience varies from 8 to 80 years old.

Vibe. Fame. Violin.

The trio, which has won numerous music awards, has toured Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the Far East and Mexico, frequently appearing on popular television shows and prestigious international events.

Awards, recognitions:

Persian Golden Lioness Awards, a popzene kategória győztese Golden Giraffe AwardGold and Platinum records, more than 150,000 copies sold


Our fellow musicians

are some of the best session musicians in Hungary. Since 2011 they provide high-quality musical backgrounds for Princess concerts.